Wicker Me Wax | About Us
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After years in the bar & restaurant industries, seeing thousands of perfectly beautiful and useful wine and liquor bottles with amazing labels being tossed in the garbage nightly, we had a thought: why not upcycle them?


Everyone loves a candle! Scented or unscented — perfect labels or labels with “bar scars”, as we call like to them — liquor bottle candles make the perfect addition to any home’s decor, since they all have unique and eye-catching shapes, sizes, and glass embellishments.


Whether you’re a nightly indulger or a teetotaler or somewhere in between, the look and ambiance of a liquor bottle candle that’s uniquely cut and hand-poured with all natural soy-wax makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones. Like those who imbibe, you can use your candle daily or never light it at all… or somewhere in between. Either way, our candles are an excellent centerpiece for conversation and atmosphere, and will (quite literally) light up your home and your life.
Not all bottles make great candles, mostly for safety reasons. So the other thing we do is make remarkably unique glass bottle cuts. These bottles can be used as decorative item holders, vases, makeup brush or kitchen spoon holders, and so much more!


  • We start by making sure that every liquor bottle is “dry” or free of any excess liquor.
  • Each bottle is prepped carefully to preserve the label during cutting.
  • The bottles are cut, then cleaned out to remove any grime or small glass pieces that remain.
  • Bottles are then hand-sanded to insure that all edges are smooth and safe to the touch.
  • They are cleaned out again and wicked for optimum burn time.
  • Wax is heated and poured, and then shipped off to you to enjoy!
  • (It’s slightly more complicated and time-consuming than this, but we can’t give away all of our secrets, now can we?)


You can re-use every single one of our bottles when the wax is gone. Click below to find out how!